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The invalidity of the claim that “the fossils known as transitional forms have been retracted because better ones have been found”

Darwinists admit that the fossils portrayed supposed transitional forms are eventually taken back and removed from the literature, but they justify this by claiming that “a better one has been found.”  The fossils brought to public view to great Darwinist fanfare in the last few years in particular show how comic this evolutionist claim really is .
      The evolution deception involves a process that has constantly been repeated in its 150-year history. First, a fossil is produced. An amazing scenario is dreamed up on the basis of that fossil, which is then claimed to be the ancestor of man. This is all set out with much decorative scientific terminology and illustrations in the Darwinist press. Finally, it transpires that the fossil actually comes from an orangutan or a pig, at which IT IS HASTILY REMOVED FROM THE MUSEUM THAT HAS BEEN EXHIBITING IT.
          Piltdown Man, made by adding an orangutan jaw to a human skull, and Nebraska Man, depicted living in wild surroundings together with his family on the basis of a single pig tooth, are the best known examples of this. Darwinists have had to retract all their countless such claims regarding fictitious ancestors. A huge number of supposed “ancestors” have had to be removed from the scientific literature.  
      ALL OF THE SKULLS so far acclaimed as ancestors of man by Darwinists have transpired to belong wither to an extinct type of orangutan or else to a human race. The reason why none of the fossils in question can be brought up any more is that they have all turned out to be invalid.
          Unable to bear this major defeat, Darwinists claim that the fossils in question have been removed from the literature because “a better one has been found.” But these fossils they describe as “better” are made up of such infamous examples of fraud as Ida, Ardi and Australopithecus sediba that have also been retracted soon after.
      Ida, a lemur fossil heralded as the ancestor of man, was a fraud on the same sort of scale as Piltdown Man. All the fuss made about Ida, which even embarrassed some Darwinists, quickly turned into a profound silence and Darwinist publications soon had to admit that the fossil was nothing more than a lemur. Darwinists had no qualms about admitting the embarrassment they felt at all the fuss over Ida in their own Darwinist scientific journals. (You can find more detailed information on the subject from here.)
      Ardi, the next to be brought up, was also subjected to Darwinist speculation and an obvious monkey fossil was made to walk upright using computer software. Following that latest embarrassment, Darwinists again had to retract their claims. (See here for more detail)
      Darwinists next produced a little finger fossil and shamelessly used this in reconstructions of a “third species.” This strange-looking human figure, illustrated in full, appeared under captions suggesting it would “rewrite the history of man,” just as in the case of Nebraska Man, the product of a single tooth. The only evidence, however, is a little finger fossil belonging to a human race. (See here for more detail)
      The Australopithecus sediba deception, the latest in the line, will go down in history as one of the worst embarrassments for Darwinists. This fraud, that even the eminent evolutionist Carl Zimmer greeted with suspicion, saying, “Not another Ida?” against inflicted terrible humiliation on Darwinists. (See here for more detail)       
     That is the humiliating picture painted by Darwinists in recent years. It is clear therefore, just how invalid the claim that “the others have been removed because better transitional forms have been found” really is.
      Darwinists are in a hopeless position. They are in a defeatist state of mind because no transitional forms have been found. So they engage in demagoguery and make illogical claims in order to avoid the truth revealed by science that is so troubling to them. But that demagoguery has now become too ludicrous to deceive anyone any more. Even world-renowned Darwinists are ashamed of it.
      The fact that Darwinists now have to accept – and that the whole world already knows – is that not a single transitional fossil exists. So long as they refuse to admit that, they will have to keep making nonsensical claims to keep their ideology propped up and will keep on being humiliated.

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