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Fearing death will avail CNN producer Larry King nothing at all


Larry King, host of the Larry King Live broadcast on CNN, said on the program that he had a great fear of dying. The famous television presenter stated that he did not think he would go anywhere after death (surely Allah is beyond that), and that this was basically why he was afraid of dying, and that the reason he thought along these lines was that he had no faith.

As these words show, like many other people, Larry King’s problem is that he does not believe in the hereafter. He thinks that he will cease to exist after death, which terrifies him.

One important reason why some people doubt the existence of the hereafter is that they fail to grasp its true nature. These people, who think that matter is the only absolute entity, and who deny the existence of anything other than matter, are in fact in a state of grave error. Since they think that human beings consist solely of matter, of flesh and bone in other words, they are unable to believe that someone who has become a pile of bones can be restored to life. But the fact is that it is neither flesh nor bone that will be resurrected. It is not flesh and bone that makes us human, but rather, the soul. It is not flesh and bone that rejoice, love, think, take decisions and enjoy music and lovely views and good food and drink, but the soul. Every conscious human being realizes that he has a soul and will also realize that his true abode is not this world, but the hereafter. And the soul belongs, not to this world, but to the hereafter. For detailed examination of this subject see:’s_Dilemma_The_Soul

At this point, everyone with a soul who thinks with reason and good conscience will know that this world is simply a preparation for the hereafter, that he is tested at every moment during that preparation and that in order to do well in the test, he must always behave well and properly. He will never forget that it is Allah Who creates this world, and that Allah is closer to him than his own jugular vein. He will adopt Allah as his friend and spend his whole life seeking His approval. When someone who takes earning the approval of Allah as his aim in life dies, he will be welcomed by angels and be rewarded by Allah with the eternal life of paradise.

The life of this world is nothing but a game and a diversion. The abode of the hereafter – that is truly Life if they only knew. (Surat al-‘Ankabut, 64)

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