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The invalidity of the claim that “RNA is the forebear of life”

The RNA world thesis is a supposed savior launched by Darwinists out of a sense of despair at the failure of all experiments regarding the beginning of life. But everyone who understands science and the complexity of the cell will inevitably find it illogical for Darwinists, who have never manufactured even a single protein, to make such a claim. In the absence of a single protein of the first imaginary cell they claim for the beginning of life, Darwinists claim that RNA is responsible for the whole thing, in all its wondrous complexity. But when it comes to how RNA itself first appeared, they are again, as always, silent.

  • According to the RNA world thesis, a hypothetical RNA molecule that came into being by chance manufactured proteins in some way, after which DNA appeared by chance out of a need for a second molecule to store all this protein information. Darwinists, with their powerful imaginations, are still trying to produce a single peptide bond in the laboratory, but seek to mislead people by shamelessly propagating this impossible and unbelievable scenario.
  • Extraordinary complexity is a huge and insoluble dilemma for Darwinists who are unable to account for how even a single RNA nucleotide might have come into being.
  • Even if we assume that the impossible happened and came about by chance, proteins are still essential in order for this entire mechanism to function. In other words, RNA cannot perform its function of producing a protein without proteins already being in existence. Just like other proteins, in order for DNA and RNA to exist and function, it is essential for the cell to exist beforehand, fully equipped and with all its proteins and other organelles.
  • A second major deception on this subject is the claims made regarding the function of RNA. RNA only contains information about the structure of protein alone. RNA has no mechanism to manufacture protein.
  • A protein is manufactured in an organelle called the ribosome with the assistance of many enzymes as the result of highly complex processes. The ribosome is a complex cell organelle again made up of proteins. This therefore leads to the impossible assumption that the ribosome, the proteins serving within it, DNA and RNA all came about spontaneously at exactly the same time.
  • The RNA world thesis, spoken of with embarrassment by many scientists, is one of the most illogical theories yet espoused by Darwinists, who are in a despairing state when it comes to explaining the origin of life. Casually bringing up such an illogical claim and depicting it as major scientific evidence is another element of Darwinist demagoguery.

The eminent University of San Diego California evolutionist Dr. Leslie Orgel, a colleague of Stanley Miller and Francis Crick, refers to the possibility of “life beginning with the RNA world” as a “scenario.” Orgel sets out the characteristics that RNA would have to possess and the impossibility of its doing so in an article titled “The Origin of Life on the Earth” in the October 1994 issue of American Scientist:

This scenario could have occurred, we noted, if prebiotic RNA had two properties not evident today: A capacity to replicate without the help of proteins and an ability to catalyze every step of protein synthesis. (Leslie E. Orgel, “The Origin of Life on the Earth”, Scientific American, October 1994, Vol. 271, p. 78)

It is of course impossible for such a RNA to exist.

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