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Darwinists must first answer these questions about missing link frauds

Before trying to deceive people with nonsensical falsities such as “the missing link” or “the ancestor of man,” Darwinists, who maintain that everything came into being through unconscious, uncontrolled and random coincidences, must first answer the following questions about just a few of the details in DNA replication, which takes place EVERY SECOND in a minute point, invisible to the naked eye, in EVERY CELL of EVERY HUMAN BEING:
  1. By what orders are all the components and enzymes involved during DNA replication produced? Who is it that knows that all these pieces are necessary for DNA copying?
  2. These manufactured components definitely find and reach the point where the DNA replication will take place. From whom did these components learn where to go and what to do there?
  3. How do they find information consisting of just a few lines out of a million pages in exactly the right place in pitch darkness?
  4. The 7 essential components required for copying to take place (protein components, enzyme and ATP – there are a great many components involved in this process, but we shall be considering just a few fundamental ones) are manufactured in and come from different places. But how do they know that they have to combine together in a part of DNA just a few lines long?
  5. These components all have their own forms of combination. Why have they been manufactured in such a way as to combine together like a lock and a key? Who determines that harmony? 
  6. How does each of these components know it will have to combine with another? How do they know that one will have to bond from the top, another from the right and another from below? Why do they never go wrong in doing this? Why does one of them not one day bond from the top instead of from below, or to the right?
  1. How do they know that if they approach from the wrong direction they will be unable to fit the lock?
  2. Why does the enzyme that will catalyze the copying process arrive after waiting for all these components to settle in the right place? Who sends it as exactly the right time. Where do they obtain accurate information?
  3. How does the enzyme determine speed? Why does it carry out this replication process at just the right speed, and no faster or slower?
  4. Why does the ATP that carries the energy to initiate copying come to the right place once all these components have combined together? Why does it not come first, without waiting for them? How does it know that copying must only take place once all the components are combined and the catalytic enzyme has arrived?
  5. How does the ATP know that it must only give energy to the area of just a few lines where copying will take place?
  6. How is the finishing line for replication determined? Why does ATP only provide energy up to this finishing line? How does it calculate that only a part of that particular size has to be copied?
  7. Where does ATP find this energy? How does it know how much energy to store? Where does it store that energy? Who loads that energy in it?
  8. How does it calculate how much of this battery energy to use, and where? How does it calculate the possible damage on the DNA, if it uses too much or too little of that energy?
  9. Who is it that issues the order to each component “you must go there” in the pitch dark? And why do the components receive instructions from there. Why do they immediately do what they are told? How is it that this chain of command works in such an amazingly perfect way at every second in every human being’s body?
  10. How do these components know that they have to produce a copy of DNA? How do they produce an exact copy of DNA/ How do they immediately identify an error that arises? How do they calculate that the incorrect section has to be removed and replaced by a correct section? How do they identify the correct part, and where it is?
  11. The absence of a single atom in this whole miraculous system will destroy it. Why does no such thing ever happen? Why are all the atoms in every component in exactly the right place?
  12. A 60-letter string of DNA is copied every second in each one of the 100 trillion cells in the human body. How could such a glorious replication process take place by chance?
  13. How is it that all the systems in all the 7 billion people in the world all work so gloriously?
  14.  How do all these tiny components identify the tiny area to be copied and do what they have to do so flawlessly? Why is not even a single atom lacking from any of them?
If Darwinists want to prove their theory (which is impossible), they have to explain just a few details in this extraordinary system that takes place every second during the copying of just a single DNA. They must answer these questions at once. And they must explain all these things in terms of chance, in accordance with their claims.
But they cannot do so, and never will. THEY CAN NEVER EXPLAIN EVEN A SINGLE PART OF THIS GLORIOUS SYSTEM WITH TALES OF EVOLUTION. All Darwinists can do is learn the laws of creation that apply to all these systems. And those laws are so astonishing, and have all been created. Darwinists have been humiliated and are in a despairing position. Even if they were to bring the whole world together and work on it, they could still never manufacture even ONE SINGLE PART of this fabulously detailed system, let alone chance itself managing to do that.

Whether they like it or not, Darwinists have submitted to the Omnipotence of Allah. Our Almighty Lord Allah’s laws and creation will confront them everywhere. They will witness the majesty of creation of Allah in all places. The lies they resort to will just continue to humiliate them.

The call of truth is made to Him alone. Those they call upon apart from Him do not respond to them at all. It is like someone stretching out his cupped hands towards water to convey it to his mouth: it will never get there. The call of the unbelievers only goes astray. (Surat ar-Ra’d, 14)

Everyone in heaven and earth prostrates to Allah willingly or unwillingly, as do their shadows in the morning and the evening. (Surat ar-Ra’d, 15)

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