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Radikal Must Finally Put an End to Its Attempts to Defend Darwinism

A report titled “Global warming is accelerating evolution” appeared on the web site of the Turkish daily Radikal on 6 April, 2009. As required by Darwinist demagoguery, the article in question carried Darwinist accounts based on statements by Axel Meyer, a professor of evolution – though as always no supporting evidence was provided. The sole aim of this familiar propaganda was to keep at least part of the theory of evolution, which totally collapsed with the coming of the 21st century, alive. For that reason, the traditional Darwinist technique was employed and demagoguery used in an attempt to deceive people. The scientific evidence showing why the claims made in the report are invalid is set out below: 

  • The claim in the article that “Darwin set out the basic mechanism of the functioning of evolution” is a terrible deception. Natural selection, which it seeks to portray as evidence of the lie of evolutionary functioning, merely permits faster-running individuals fleeing predators in a large group to survive. It bestows no organ that did not previously exist on the particular life form and does not turn it into another species. Darwin’s idea of evolution by natural selection is seriously logically flawed and a source of deep disgrace. 
  • The article says that Darwin did not consciously explain how the first cell, the first living thing appeared. It is of course true that Darwin was not able to account for the fictitious first living thing. Yet not only Darwin, none of the Darwinists who followed him have been able to offer a single explanation on the subject, either. The Darwinists claim that “The first cell formed in muddy water” is one of the greatest deceptions ever. It is impossible for even a single protein in the cell to form by chance. Darwinists have been forced to take a step back in the face of this fact revealed by science and have embarked on mutually contradictory and illogical accounts of the beginning of life. All these theories are currently the subject of intense criticism from scientific circles, and even Darwinists have been forced to admit the illogicality involved.
  • The bounds of things that the amateur adventurer Darwin failed to comprehend or misunderstood are not as superficial as Meyer suggests. Darwin, who possessed no scientific knowledge, never completed his studies, who embarked on an adventure with drunken seamen, who collected insects for pleasure and then set them aside without ever examining them and who had no true understanding of any branch of science, proposed an imaginary scenario with which he deceived vast masses of people. All of Darwin’s claims have today been refuted by all branches of science. That is the main reason why masses of people who have seen the evidence and examined fossils are now abandoning his theory.
  • The idea that climate, environmental factors or mass extinctions “accelerate evolution,” as Darwinists maintain is also a huge lie. This lie is used in an attempt to keep this outdated theory, which has been scientifically discredited, alive. The fact is that neither global warming nor evolution by way of global warming exist. The idea of global warming is a falsehood put forward by Darwinists in order to back up frauds of this kind. Indeed, this claim has recently been repudiated by heavy rains, freezing cold and floods affecting entire countries. The idea that evolution can thus be accelerated is an utterly hopeless clutching at straws. Darwinists’ claim that supposed evolution was in some way “accelerated” once again reveals the hopeless predicament they find themselves in as Darwinism totally collapses under the weight of scientific evidence, in the absence of a single transitional fossil, as 100 million fossils all prove Creation and as it is impossible to manufacture a single protein under laboratory conditions.

Darwin could never have foreseen what has happened today, as Meyer claims. In other words, Darwin did not know that the cell IS NOT a water filled bubble, THAT THE CELL IS A WORLD OF EXTRAORDINARY COMPLEXITY FUNCTIONING WITH A GLORIOUS ORDER, THAT NOT EVEN A SINGLE PROTEIN CAN FORM BY CHANCE, THAT NOT A SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FORM FOSSIL HAS EVER BEEN unearthed, that 100 MILLION FOSSILS would definitively refute evolution, that IRREDUCIBLY COMPLEX STRUCTURES WOULD REPUDIATE EVOLUTION, that discoveries made under the electron microscope would show that the universe is not in a state of chaos, but rather in one OF SUBLIME REGULARITY. Darwin never imagined that ALL the scientific facts that would emerge WOULD TOTALLY REFUTE his theory. He imagined that, as in his own day, people could also be deceived with frauds, deceptions and false fossils in the future. Had he been aware of the utter defeat lying in wait, he would of course have been utterly ashamed and never have stooped to proposing such a theory.

The days of Darwinism are now at an end. Darwinism has collapsed before the eyes of the world. Suggestions intended to give the effect that the theory is of any value, published in newspapers and on the internet from a few people stuck in the past who espouse a superstitious religion solely for the sake of their own ideologies, are of no use. Our advice to daily Radikal is that it should abandon these pointless endeavors and realize that people now only attach credence to the scientific facts.

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