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Why these constant efforts to use Denisovan fossils as a vehicle for evolutionary propaganda?

What is it that induced Darwinists, whose lies have been constantly exposed for years now and who have thus been totally belittled and humiliated, to keep telling the same lies? The reason, of course, is their despair, defeatism and lack of any other way out.

Another important indication of Darwinists’ despair is the way that they keep bringing up frauds they already propagandized months before, as if nothing had happened and these had never been refuted. This is absolute proof of how Darwinism has collapsed. Because Darwinists have nothing more to speculate about and no more instruments with which to deceive people.

NTV, the most fanatical defender of Darwinist deceptions and the reports in question in Turkey, and other media organizations like Darwinist Science Daily website, are all trying to deceive people by again bringing up the issue of a fossil they refer to as Denisovan and herald as a third species in the fictitious evolution of man. They are waiting for time to pass and trying to make people forget the replies we have already issued on this subject. The fact is, however, that we produced several comprehensive exposures of the invalidity  of this claim when they brought it up before and revealed the deception going on here in a very detailed manner. 

To summarize;

  • A fossil finger and tooth dating back 30,000 years were discovered in the Altay mountains in Siberia.
  • The tooth and bone fragment belonged to two different people living at the same time.
  • Darwinists said that the bone fragment and tooth bore similarities to Neanderthals, and even to Homo erectus.
  • DNA analysis of the finger showed that these life forms had the same genetic characteristics as today’s Polynesians (people living in New Guinea and other nearby countries).
  • On the basis of these findings, and of the fact the fossil was discovered in Siberia, and since it was thus incompatible with the mythical migration out of Africa scenarios that evolutionists espoused, Darwinists then claimed that this life form was a “third species” that had evolved in a fictitious way.
  • The fact is, however, that both Homo erectus and Neanderthals are both normal human races. There are many people today who possess many characteristics of the races in question. It is therefore perfectly normal for the fossil discovered to also possess characteristics of these races.
  • Migration out of Africa is a scenario fabricated by evolutionists themselves. (Darwinists claim that monkeys first began evolving into humans in Africa, from where they migrated to Europe having completed that evolution.) Darwinists maintain that this life form discovered in Siberia must have lost all characteristics belonging to Neanderthals and earlier human races. For that reason, the fossil in question does not fit into this false Darwinist scenario. Out of a state of despair, and because the fossil completely refutes their claims, Darwinists refer to it as “the cousin of the Neanderthals,” a “third species” that evolved in different places. Yet genetic research shows there is no difference between the fossil and human beings alive today. This fossil openly refutes evolution, despite these efforts to depict it is evidence for it.

As we have stated many times before, Darwinists employ many propaganda techniques. Since they are unable to directly employ science and scientific evidence, they use science for their propaganda and tell blatant lies. It appears that Darwinists’ new technique consists of constantly repeating propaganda tools that  have already been discredited before. They hope that with the passage of time, people will forget the rebuttal that has already been issued. There is nothing surprising about this, bearing in mind that Darwinists have been relying on this fraud for their survival for the last 150 years.

What Darwinists fail, or pretend not to understand is this; if you tell someone in a sealed room that it is dark outside, they may perhaps believe it. But if you lift the curtains for just a second so they can see the Sun outside, they will never again believe that it is dark out there. There is no point trying to convince them otherwise. Because verbal suggestion is invalidated by concrete evidence. That is how people stand now. Everyone in the world has woken up to the fact that Darwinism is a deception. Whenever they see reports about evolution, they know they are being lied to. The one method of deception that Darwinists relied on for years, “suggestion with no supporting evidence,” no longer works. Because people have seen the Sun.

Darwinists must realize how demeaning this is and put an end to these hollow endeavors. They will always be confronted by the sublime and immaculate creation of Almighty Allah, Lord of the Worlds. Darwinism has been routed. Any efforts to resuscitate it will just humiliate Darwinists still further.

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