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The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Not Evidence for Evolution

Some people interpret the coronavirus pandemic as an example of evolution. They claim that the reason for not being able to effectively combat the pandemic is mutations, and that evolution has formed a new, powerful and advanced virus through this mechanism. However, the coronavirus outbreak has nothing to do with evolution. Mutations cannot lead to the emergence of new organisms, and do not have a developing and enhancing effect on organisms.

Viruses Are Nonliving Sacks of Genetic Material

Viruses are not alive; they are nonliving entities. A virus is a sack of genetic material, equipped with specific mechanisms with which it can enter a living cell. Through very sensitive molecular mechanisms, the virus injects its genetic material into the living cell, whether human, animal, or plant, and uses the existing cell structures to replicate itself until the host cell bursts. These delicate stages, that the virus overcomes the cell’s defense systems, hijacks the cellular processes and turns the cell into a slave cannot be explained by coincidences. Such a strategy requires a multi-step computation, an advanced knowledge of genetics, an in-depth biochemistry knowledge, and a knowledge of the atomic interactions, that is, quantum mechanics.

Viral Infection: An Invasion Strategy Product of a Superior Mind

There are receptor proteins embedded in the cell membrane, which serves as a barrier to any foreign or harmful molecule. The virus must first manage to deceive these receptors to pass through this border gate. At this point, we find the special proteins that act as keys on the surface of the virus. These keys perfectly bind to the receptors on the cell membrane and the viral genome gains entry into the cell. The cell regards the viral genome as its own and starts to execute coded orders, reproducing thousands and millions of viruses. The cell which becomes a virus factory eventually bursts. New viruses released go on to infect other cells in the same way. This invasion can only be slowed and stopped by the immune system’s ability to produce antibodies specific to the virus.

It is clear that viruses, which have no eyes to see, no brains to think, and which are biologically considered “nonliving”, cannot develop any such flawlessly functioning plan.

The Fanciful Mechanism that the Evolutionary Theory Needs Is Not Mutations

Mutations are alterations, deletions, or displacements of segments of DNA. Although adherents of evolution see mutation as a magical mechanism, mutations are alterations in an already existing genetic material: The sensitive meaningful sequence of a DNA strand is disrupted by harmful environmental causes such as ultraviolet radiation or harmful chemicals, or at best, it is not affected. The theory of evolution should explain the natural emergence of a “new” sequence corresponding to a “new” genetic material necessary for a species to transform into a new one. Such an imaginary mechanism cannot be mutations because mutations are merely disruptions and changes in an “existing” DNA. There is no explanation other than Creation for the emergence of a new genetic code in nature from nothing.

Mutations Do Not Bring About New Genetic Codes from Nothing

Influenza viruses can change in two different ways:

  1. Antigenic Shift:This type of change occurs only in Influenza A, which infects not just humans but also different species of animals, including mammals and birds. When two or more strains of a virus or of different viruses infect the same cell simultaneously, their gene segments are exchanged and the host cell forms new viruses combining their surface proteins (antigens). There are 8 genome segments of the influenza virus. One of these segments may derive from the swine flu, the other from the avian influenza, and the other from seasonal human strain. In this case, the antigens of the virus also change. These are different surface antigens that our immune system has not encountered before and have not produced antibodies to. This causes a new worldwide epidemic of flu. Avian influenza and Swine flu outbreaks have been caused by viruses that are the products of this type of mutation.

Notice that there are ready genetic materials randomly combined. There is no new genetic information that the virus produced, developed, or built on its own.

  1. Antigenic Drift:In this type of variation, the virus genes that code for the surface proteins are changed, displaced or removed, leading to a change in the surface proteins and making them unrecognizable to the host antibodies. As a result, the virus can infect the cell. This is how a different strain of the virus can infect people who were immune to the original strain and cause a seasonal influenza outbreak each year.

The Truth of the Animal-Human Transmission of the Coronavirus

We should remind that, contrary to some misinterpretations, the coronavirus is not an influenza virus. Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that generally infect animals. It has 7 types known and up to now we have seen that three of them, namely MERS, SARS, and finally the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, are transmitted from animals to humans.


As can be seen, when both mutation types seen in viruses are examined, they are not evolutionary mechanisms. In both cases, there is no new genetic code developed by the virus.

Again, contrary to some evolutionists’ claim, the virus does not “adapt” to the environment. It cannot be claimed that the virus has developed a new attack strategy on its own. Saying that it changes itself in order not to be recognized has no scientific value beyond being a fairy tale.

It is not surprising that evolutionists attribute individual will and power to such nonliving entities as viruses and say that they are “changing themselves, developing, getting stronger, in a very smart and intelligent way”. It is not surprising because attributing power to inanimate matter is a common manifestation of pagan religions.

Viruses and their unique molecular mechanisms are clear proofs of the existence of God, the Almighty Creator, Who knows everything and Who rules over everything with wisdom.

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