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What do Darwinists generally use to deceive people?

As we have emphasized many times already, Darwinists have to deceive people to keep their ideology alive. Because the theory of evolution is a huge lie that never has and never can be proved by science. Hence the need for deception and lies to maintain its hegemony over the last 150 years.

The backward level of science 150 years ago made primitive methods of deception more than adequate for Darwinists. Under the influence of primitive science, people believed that the cell really could emerge from muddy water, that life could come into being from inanimate matter and that if given a bit of training, monkeys could turn into human beings.

Then scientific progress entered the equation. It proved that not even a single protein, let alone a whole cell, could come into being spontaneously, by chance. It revealed that life could not emerge from inanimate matter. It showed that all species, including monkeys, have their own unique features and can ‘never’ turn into one another through genetic changes. And when all the claims of evolution were refuted by all branches of science, such as microbiology, molecular biology, genetics and paleontology, and when it was revealed that not a single transitional fossil existed, the position no longer looked at all rosy for Darwinists.

Realizing they could no longer deceive people with primitive methods, Darwinists imagined they could persist with this propaganda by adding a slightly more ‘scientific appearance’ to their frauds. For that reason, they took scientific subjects, scientific developments and scientific findings that had absolutely nothing to do with Darwinism and tried to pass these off as evolution. They amended their ways of describing things, in other words their misleading language. They began not to speak of chance any more, even though evolution is totally founded on chance. Alarmed by the term ‘we are descended from apes,’ which they themselves had invented, they began to speak of ‘an ape-like creature.’ They then raised the frauds we describe under the headings below, which they dressed up in all kinds of scientific terminology, despite their really being very primitive. Their aim was to prevent the lifting of the cunning spell, the hypnosis, that the system of the antichrist had cast over people for the last 150 years.

The subjects we are listing below are the easiest ones for Darwinists to hide behind. If you see a report about evolution somewhere, you can be sure that Darwinists have used one of these categories. They seek to prop their fraudulent theories up by resorting to these ideas. They tell lies, just as they have for 150 years. And like all the rest, these deceptions to which Darwinists resort are all fraudulent and specious.


One Darwinist tactic is to misinterpret and distort scientific facts. They try to portray variations as evolution. Because variations express various changes that take place within species. That makes them a perfect tool for Darwinists.

For example, a breed of cow living in Turkey is very different to one raised in Great Britain. Their appearance, size, hair, ear size, nose length etc. are all different. Species possess characteristics dependent on the climate they live in, the food they eat and the nature of the region they inhabit. (In the way that cattle living in colder climates have longer hair.) But the really important thing is this: both are still cattle. These changes take place within the cow’s genetic structure. Living things change within the characteristics in their own genes. Both species have the same genes. But the genes that are more dominant in one are less prominent in the other. That is the only difference between them.

This also applies to human beings. The differences between the different races, in terms of color, height, head shape and eye shape, all stem from dominant and regressive features in their genes. Characteristics that have predominated for generations are more prominent in some races and less in others. But every human being is created with the same features that all other human beings have in their genes.

And these changes are limited. Characteristics in genes only cause changes up to a certain point. But these can never give that life form any new characteristics.

For that reason, living things can only change as much as the information Allah has encoded in their genes permits. It is impossible for them to exhibit a characteristic they do not already possess or possess genes belonging to different species.

Variation is not the same as evolution. No matter what Darwinists do, they can never produce a new species of a feature that does not already belong to a species by way of variation. This is a huge deception. No matter how much variation cows undergo, they are still cows. And no matter how much variation human beings go through, they are still human beings.

Just as with Darwin’s finches, all the examples of variety within species now are portrayed as evolution using just that same deception. Darwinists put two living things from different species together and say, “see how different they are; it is evolution that has made them like that.’ That is a fraud. But people who read these reports must be aware that Darwinists are trying to pull the wool over their eyes.



Darwinists employ an amazingly simplistic logic; monkeys resemble human beings, so human beings must have gradually descended from them. Or crocodiles resemble fish, so they must be related. The whole logical framework of Darwinist ideology rests on that simplistic claim. This was Darwin’s sole foundation as he launched his theory. Everything described in the name of evolution and dressed up with scientific terminology and complicated accounts in modern-day journals in fact rests on that same primitive logic.

Of course living things resemble one another. They live under similar, limited conditions on the earth. They are carbon-based and use the same limited atmospheric gases and nutrients. They have to grow under the same earthly conditions. Every living thing breathes the same atmosphere, absorbs similar nutrients, makes use of the same water and nitrogen cycles and lives under the same climatic conditions. The limited conditions that make life on Earth possible are the main reason for the similarities among living things. But at the same time, living things are also very different to one another in physiological and anatomical terms. Physiologically, when we descend to the genetic level, for instance, the fact there is a difference of only two chromosomes between monkeys and ourselves is a huge obstacle that Darwinists can never overcome.

The theory of evolution that has been eliminated in the face of a single piece of DNA is unable to account for a single protein functioning within that DNA. Therefore, the Darwinist speculation about similarity is merely intended to trap and mislead the ignorant and ill-informed.

Moreover, Darwinists have no explanation for the existence of the ‘soul.’ They are in a state of despair and silence on the subject of the soul, that which makes human beings human.

No similarity is evidence of evolution. Evolutionists have to provide real scientific evidence to prove their claims. For example, they would have to show how the different organs in similar life forms turned into one another through mutations and, more importantly, would have to display fossils and transitional fossils documenting this change, of which one would expect there to be millions. Even more important than that, they would have to account for this change on the molecular level. But as we have already said, Darwinists ARE UNABLE TO ACCOUNT FOR EVEN A SINGLE PROTEIN.


Fossils of extinct life forms

The third fraudulent tactic is the use of fossils belonging to extinct life forms. They produce the fossils of extinct life forms that Darwinists can use as a tool for their deception. Darwinists take a fish fossil that nobody has ever described, for instance, and make totally inappropriate comments regards its fossilized structures, saying, ‘this is a lung sac, these are foot protrusions, and this is the beginning of a windpipe… So it must have moved onto dry land.’ This is a highly deceptive technique. They engage in unlimited speculation regarded the fossil. Their aim is to spread the spell of the antichrist that has prevailed over the last 50 years and confuse people with an inadequate knowledge of the subject.

The history of Darwinist fraud has generally always rested on such extinct fossils. But the fact is that all scientific examinations have shown that all these life forms were perfectly formed species that lived millions of years ago. That is in any case crystal clear when one looks at these fossils. Not a single one has any structures to show that life might have evolved. Darwinists have had to apologize for these deceptions time and time again. The more than 350 million fossils in existence, which include many extinct forms, all belong to perfect life forms. The fact that there is not one belonging to the half-formed creatures that the theory of evolution is predicated on is evidence that totally does away with evolution.


Claims of incorrect design

Defeat and despair have recently encouraged Darwinists to seek new escape routes. That is why Darwinists, who have hidden behind the idea of space creatures and who say, “we never actually referred to chance,’ have recently begun saying, ‘there is no proof of Creation,’ rather than coming up with any evidence to corroborate their own claims. So primitive and ignorant is this technique that is just shows how all their deceptive strategies have utterly collapsed.

Darwinists maintain that there are ‘incorrect designs’ on earth. And since they think that these are mistaken, they fall into the error of making the utterly irrational claim that they have thus also invalidated the idea of evolution.

The reason why Darwinists fall into this error is their failure to understand the creative artistry of Almighty Allah, our Creator, and possess a very simplistic perspective.

Of course, all living things have imperfections, deficiencies and flaws. For example, human beings are created to be weak in the face of disease. That is not so with many other life forms. A human baby needs intensive care, for example, from the moment it is born. Yet many other life forms leave their young to fend for themselves from the moment of birth. The young can survive in mud or if confronted by predators. Living things are created with very different attributes to one another, and some of these characteristics make them superior to others.

Allah creates in this way because this world is not paradise. The world is a place of testing created with flaws and imperfections. It is a temporary abode where one longs for paradise. Freedom from flaws and imperfections is unique to paradise alone. There is an important reason for and great wisdom behind the flaws in this world. People need to see weaknesses, difficulties and sickness. Human nature is created with a tendency to pride before Allah (surely Allah is beyond that), for which reason it needs to witness its helplessness and despair in the face of Allah. Human beings need to see they have no power in the face of the sublime might of our Almighty Creator in order not to become proud and rebel against the Creator of all things. They must see how they stand in need of Allah. That is the wisdom behind the flaws and imperfections in this world.


Allah is our Creator and is mighty enough to create all things in the finest manner

Allah certainly has the power to create flawlessly. He displays this in countless ways in this world. A single protein is proof of this immaculate and extraordinary creation. Of course had Allah so willed He could have made the world a place of eternal life with no flaws or imperfections. But it is not. The world is a place of testing. Our Lord tests us with deficiencies and flaws. He tests us to see whether we will see our weaknesses and turn to Him, or whether we will be blind to them and rebel against Him. Allah wants to see whether people will recognize and properly appreciate His sublime creative artistry, or whether they will rebel and adopt false idols and chance as their gods. And that is the reason why the world is created as a place of testing and for the presence in it of flaws and imperfections as part of that test.

It is paradise where there are no imperfections. Allah will maintain His immaculate creation, of which He provides proofs here, until the end of time there. Paradise is a place where there are no imperfections, sickness, deficiencies, troubles or need, and where life is eternal. Those who doubt in this world will see how our Lord has power to create all things immaculately and free of imperfection in paradise. But they will see these images from hell, where they will spend all eternity. And they will never enjoy these immaculate blessings for all eternity. In one verse Almighty Allah tells us:

The Companions of the Fire and the Companions of the Garden are not the same. It is the Companions of the Garden who are the victorious. (Surat al-Hashr, 20)

Describing flaws deliberately created in this world as ‘errors’ and trying to portray them as ‘proof of evolution’ is certainly something that Darwinists, whose name has been linked with fraud for 150 years, are quite capable of doing. It is therefore no surprise that brains that do not understand the wisdom in creation and that cannot grasp our Almighty Lord’s might and think in the most narrow terms should come up with such a claim. Darwinists can keep trying to deceive people with these illogical claims, but we are still waiting for them to account for a single protein. The whole world knows there is no validity in all their speculation on fine detail when they are unable to account for even the beginning of life. Darwinists will never be able to escape from this crushing defeat and utter disappointment. And their feeble wriggling will be to no avail.


Their use of scientific advances

One ofDarwinists’ best known fraudulent tactics is to take a scientific advance and try to adapt it to their own theories. Major scientific progress and successes are taken up by Darwinists on their search and immediately turned into evolutionary propaganda. But these endeavors produce no evidence regarding evolution. On the contrary, they lead the way for a significant scientific advance that will totally eliminate evolution.

For example, work on the artificial cell has become one of Darwinists’ main subjects of speculation. Yet no cell has been created from nothing in the work in question. All that has happened is that already existing DNA has been copied in another cell. This research is excellent progress that will light the way for other scientific research, and is also major evidence that will eradicate evolution by exhibiting the complexity in DNA.

In addition, cloning research or the manufacture of artificial blood has nothing to do with evolution, even though there are persistent efforts to make use of them in the name of evolution. In fact, all this research shows that life cannot emerge from inanimate matter, that Darwinists are unable to build one of the complex structures inside the cell, that the cell contains a complexity that far exceeds their own intelligence, competence and knowledge, and that this can never be the result of chance. This research is important evidence that deals a body blow to evolution. The reason is is so quickly taken up and used by Darwinists stems from their use of the idea that ‘attack is the best form of defense.’ Instead of remaining on the defensive in the face of these facts that totally discredit their theories, Darwinists resort to the lie that they actually corroborate their theories. The method they use to spread the falsehood of the magical spell that enfolds the world, knows as evolution, is to lie.


This century will be one of belief in Allah

If you come across these and other such claims, you can be sure that Darwinists are again trying to deceive. You must not forget that Darwinists are unable to account for the formation of even a single protein. The coming in this century of the Prophet Jesus (as) and Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be influential in enabling us to see the hypnosis of the antichrist that has taken the world in for 150 years. But it will be unable to persist in the face of the justice and law of Allah. No more will it be able to mislead people. Darwinists’ success over the last 150 years stems solely from the fact that this spell has been cast over and over again and that the hypnosis has continued uninterrupted. Many people have now been freed from that hypnosis. The true face of the fraud that is evolution must be constantly exposed and described in order to free the rest. By Allah’s leave, this century will belong to believers, who have faith in Allah, praise our Almighty Lord and the one and only God and who look in amazement on His works. All superstitious faith, and particularly Darwinism, the religion of the antichrist, will one by one be discredited and vanish.

Say: ‘Truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Falsehood is always bound to vanish.’ (Surat al-Isra’, 81) 

As for those who make Allah their friend, and His Messenger and those who have iman: it is the party of Allah who are victorious! (Surat al-Ma’ida, 56)

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