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Why is NTV so willing to embarrass itself with such nonsense as “We evolved while cooking meat”?

As we all know, the world has been held captive by atheist masons and atheist Zionists’ wide-ranging and organized plans and Darwinist propaganda for the last century and a half. Through this comprehensive propaganda, institutions of state had to defend the heretical theory of evolution, schools had to teach it and teachers had to instruct their students in it, despite not believing it themselves. So shamelessly has this propaganda been disseminated that despite the theory of evolution being an astonishingly false and irrational lie, some people have been put in the willing or unwilling position of vigorously espousing this primitive thesis.

Darwinists never anticipated certain developments in the 21st century. They never imagined this unintelligent theory, devoid of any scientific or logical basis, would be so easily defeated. In deciding to raise new generations with this theory, they never even dreamed THAT THE NEW GENERATION WOULD MAKE FUN OF THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION. They never even ADMITTED THE POSSIBILITY that when the whole world had submitted to this unbelievable theory SOMEONE WITH THE COURAGE TO ANNIHILATE THE THEORY WOULD EMERGE. But everything they never imagined has come true.

That is the origin of Darwinists’ current bafflement.

Darwinists cannot deceive a population 99% of whom do not believe in evolution

NTV’s broadcasts are a small accompaniment to the crowd in question who have so wasted their time and been so seriously defeated. NTV’s position is a bit different to that of the others, however, because the media group in question IS TRYING TO DECEIVE A SOCIETY 99% OF WHOSE POPULATION DO NOT BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION. However,

We have news for NTV:

  • Turkish society HAS BEEN READING THE MORE THAN 300 BOOKS, WATCHING DOCUMENTARIES AND PERUSING ARTICLES BY HARUN YAHYA, which demolish evolution with concrete evidence, ever since the 1980s.
  • EVERY MEMBER of this society IS WELL AWARE, even if he knows very little about the subject and has never received any education in biology, THAT NOT EVEN A SINGLE PROTEIN CAN COME INTO BEING BY CHANCE AND THAT 60 PROTEINS ARE NEEDED FOR ONE TO COME INTO BEING.
  • This society has learned that more than 300 million fossils prove the fact of Creation AND THAT NOT A SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FOSSIL EXISTS.
  • Just about all Turkish people have studied the Atlas of Creation, page by page, through which they can access free of charge over the internet and which uses fossil evidence to refute all the unscientific claims of evolution.
  • People in this society have seen with their own eyes at fossil exhibitions the evidence that refutes evolution AND HAVE TOUCHED THESE FOSSILS THAT PROVE CREATION WITH THEIR OWN HANDS.
  • The younger generation has attended some 2000 SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCES IN JUST ABOUT ALL OF TURKEY’S 81 PROVINCES that refute the theory of evolution in their own schools, universities and conference halls.
  • Students ARE REACTING AGAINST teachers who try to deceive their pupils by telling them about evolution and questions about evolution imposed on exam papers ARE BEING HURRIEDLY REMOVED.
  • If we ask any citizen on any street in any Turkish province, THEY WILL SAY THAT THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION IS A HUGE FRAUD AND A TERRIBLE DECEPTION.

It is terribly illogical to defend the fraud of evolution and to imagine that people will still believe in it in such a climate. Everyone in Turkey, from 7 to 70, knows perfectly well THAT NO MONKEY EVER TURNED INTO A HUMAN BEING BY COOKING MEAT. To imagine that the Turkish nation, whose superior virtues act as a model for all countries, will believe in this nonsense, to so underestimate that nation, means to think that they are completely gullible, and that is a grave and total error. This glorious nation is far more intelligent and foreseeing than Darwinists could ever imagine. The fact that 99% of people in Turkey do not believe in evolution is an explicit reflection of this.

Darwinists have suffered a huge and profound defeat all over the world

As a result of the works that emerged from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s 30-year intellectual struggle, Darwinists have suffered a stunning defeat they never expected. This is something they never calculated for. The more they strive to rescue their theory, they greater the effect of the reaction they attract. The fact that people are abandoning this theory in droves, despite the Darwinist conditioning all over the world, is the clearest sign that their awareness on the subject has been raised and that they now think in the light of the scientific evidence.

People have now seen the Sun. It is enough for them to have seen the Sun for just a second. It is now impossible to convince them that there is no such thing outside, as the Sun. That is why broadcasting organizations striving to spread Darwinist indoctrination under the direction of certain forces are aware they have been dealt a heavy blow and that there is now nothing else for them to do in order to defend the theory of evolution. The few examples we are witnessing these days are mere death throes. As a small media group trying to follow these Darwinists who have been so globally defeated, NTV is engaged in the same hopeless endeavors, but it is suffering an even worse disappointment, and the reports it issues to that end are a serious embarrassment to it. Our advice to NTV is, instead of imitating Darwinist broadcasts that have been profoundly defeated across the world and that nobody takes seriously, they should go out on the streets and see what people really think, see how intelligently and open mindedly people think and thus see how they do not believe in the nonsense that is Darwinism. In that even, NTV and media organizations that engage in similar Darwinist propaganda will see how they are being humiliated by tales such as “we evolved while cooking meat.” They will realize that they cannot deceive the Turkish people, and we hope that they will then cease espousing such nonsense.

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