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Why have Darwinists been silent for so long?

We have heard nothing for a long time now from the Darwinists and Darwinist press who for decades constantly issued false tales of evolution, endlessly manufactured imaginary fossils and then announced that “the missing link has been discovered,” and who came up with countless theories to the effect that the cell could have emerged spontaneously and who related such tall tales as if they had actually happened. Reports of missing links have ceased, the long statements about evolution given to newspapers have come to an end and the Darwinists who used to appear on different TV programs every week are now no longer to be seen. What could be the reason for such a major change?
Darwinists have been applying systematic mass hypnosis for the past 150 years, ever since Darwin’s day. They have silenced all those voices raised against them. They found their way into schools and universities. A large part of the press was under their control. The press went into action the moment Darwinist propaganda needed and the immediate appearance of the “imaginary missing link” was thus ensured. The system operated highly systematically and successfully. The mass hypnosis continued just as it was designed to do. The antichrist had been at work for 150 years. The antichrist continued with this profound hypnosis until he had made them Darwinist, materialist and even irreligious. He cast a most wide-ranging spell over people by telling them “You are Darwinists, and you came into being by chance.” Under the influence of this spell of the antichrist, people came to believe over the years that they had come into existence by chance, and blindly believed that Darwinism was true.

But the exposure of this mass hypnosis was something that Darwinists never expected. 


The Atlas of Creation Meant the Worst Collapse for Darwinists
The Atlas of Creation dealt a huge blow to Darwinists. They were baffled on what to do next after the Atlas of Creation and never expected to be dealt with such a sudden blow. They saw that the profound spell they had cast over people for so many years was starting to come to an end. They entered a state of shock with the exposure of the existence of more than 300 million fossils. The proofs of Creation they had carefully kept hidden away for so long were clearly shown to the whole world. People were amazed to learn that not a single transitional fossil existed. Moreover, revelation of the fact that life could not come into being by chance, as Darwinists alleged, and that not even one single protein could form spontaneously, prepared the greatest collapse for Darwinists.
Darwinists, who were capable of all kinds of determined and shameless fraud over the years, and who had no qualms about issuing false and mendacious reports wherever and whenever they wanted and then despotically imposed these on people, are now suffering the shame of being exposed as frauds. They used to be able to act quite freely in the knowledge that their false empire would never be exposed, but are now terrified over whether other people will realize what frauds they are wherever they go. They are now very well aware that a mendacious report in magazines and newspapers will inevitably be challenged and that, as with the Ida and Ardi frauds, they will have to withdraw all their claims and issue an apology. They realize that a report about evolution that would once have served to spread the spell of evolution will now just embarrass them and make them into laughing stocks.
That is why Darwinists have fallen silent. They can no longer lie. Darwinist propaganda techniques no longer do them any good. The antichrist who spread Darwinism to masses of people has now been dealt one of the heaviest blows of all. Darwinists are no longer able to use one part of the press, once their greatest weapon, for lying reports. Reiterating a lie no longer serves any purpose.
Darwinists, of course, never imagined this would happen. But it is an outcome that Muslims have known and awaited for a long time. Because it is our Lord’s great promise in the Qur’an. As Allah reveals in the verse “We hurl the truth against falsehood and it cuts right through it,” (Surat al-Anbiya’, 18), He will impose a terrible defeat on all perverted views and religions developed against true faith, and all these superstitious beliefs will vanish. Darwinists will see that victory and might belong solely to Allah and those who exalt Him. Allah, Lord of the worlds, is the Ever Enduring and Immutable and the Magnificient, the Infinte.
As our Lord says in one verse:
Say, ‘O Allah! Master of the Kingdom! You give sovereignty to whoever You will. You take sovereignty from whoever You will. You exalt whoever You will. You abase whoever You will. All good is in Your hands. You have power over all things. (Surat al-Imr’an, 26)

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