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Why does the possibility of the fact of Creation being taught in schools alarm Darwinists?

Although Darwinism is a fraud and total lie, we have no objection to evolution being taught in our schools. However, if evolution is to be taught in schools, THE FACT OF CREATION SHOULD BE TAUGHT AT THE SAME TIME.
Darwinists are terrified by that possibility. They claim that Creation should never, ever be allowed onto the curriculum, and the very idea makes them extraordinarily unease. That is the reason why various schools and teachers have been sued in America.
The fact is, however, that if they really believe their theories are true, then Darwinists should not be frightened by the proposition. Our demand is for fossils and other scientific evidence for the fact of Creation to be shown in schools, and for students to be left to make up their own minds.
Students will not be told what to think in any way. They will just be shown the scientific evidence. They will decide on the basis of that evidence, and will be given complete freedom on the subject.
This is an exceedingly fair system. If they trust their theories, then Darwinists should not be afraid and have no reason to panic. If Darwinists have scientific evidence to produce they should behave in just such a relaxed manner as we do.
On the contrary, however, DARWINISTS ARE TERRIFIED BY THE VERY POSSIBILITY. They are petrified by our proposal. They cannot bear the idea of such a system entering into schools.
There is no doubt that the sole reason for all this is that they possess not a shred of scientific evidence. They are perfectly well aware that they will suffer a humiliating defeat in the face of the scientific evidence. That is the SOLE reason why Darwinists are so terrified of the idea of Creation entering schools and they cannot engage in face-to-face debates with proponents of Creation.
Darwinists must realize this: whether or not the fact of Creation finds its way into schools, it has already spread right across the world. In addition, young people in particular are well aware that evolution is a fraud. THE HARUN YAHYA COLLECTION, accessible free of charge over the internet, IS A UNIVERSITY. Everyone, from 7 to 70, no matter where they come from or what language they speak, can make use of this university. IT IS THEREFORE IMPOSSIBLE FOR DARWINISTS TO PREVENT THEIR INEVITABLE DEFEAT, UNLESS ALLAH ORDAINS OTHERWISE. As we always remind Darwinists, the 21st century will see THE UTTER COLLAPSE OF EVOLUTION AND THE GLOBAL DISSEMINATION OF THE FACT OF CREATION. That is Allah’s promise, and Allah will definitely be true to that promise.

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