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The Lie of Plant Evolution

Living Fossil: The Ginkgo Biloba Tree

The “ginkgo biloba” tree is a living fossil that has remained from the Permian period (270 million years ago) to the present day. In fact, ginkgos were in existence during the eras when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. In November 2016, a scientific article in the “Giga Science” magazine published the gene sequence of ginkgo biloba trees. Scientists from the …

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240-Million-Year-Old Pollen Fossil Discovered

During excavation studies in the north of Switzerland, in Weiach and Leuggern conducted by researchers of the Zurich University Institute and Museum of Paleontology, fossilized pollen grains belonging to flowering plants have been discovered. Dating back 240 million years, these pollen grains prove that flowering plants, with all their flawless characteristics, existed millions of years ago. “… the present finding …

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Darwinists’ Efforts to Cover Up Living Fossils Is Fraudulent

Darwin was amazed when he found a fossilized Gingko tree leaf during his research.  An identical counterpart to something living today was found with exactly the same appearance as it has today in strata dating back millions of years. This fossil, which on its own represented a serious dead-end for his theory and which caused Darwin enormous concern, was described …

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Radikal Must Finally Put an End to Its Attempts to Defend Darwinism

A report titled “Global warming is accelerating evolution” appeared on the web site of the Turkish daily Radikal on 6 April, 2009. As required by Darwinist demagoguery, the article in question carried Darwinist accounts based on statements by Axel Meyer, a professor of evolution – though as always no supporting evidence was provided. The sole aim of this familiar propaganda …

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