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The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Not Evidence for Evolution

Some people interpret the coronavirus pandemic as an example of evolution. They claim that the reason for not being able to effectively combat the pandemic is mutations, and that evolution has formed a new, powerful and advanced virus through this mechanism. However, the coronavirus outbreak has nothing to do with evolution. Mutations cannot lead to the emergence of new organisms, …

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The Tale That “Puppy Dog Eyes Are a Product of Evolution”

A research article claimed that the facial muscle in dogs that leads to an expression similar to one that humans produce when sad “has evolved to appeal to humans.” This is a self-refuting evolutionist fairy tale that has no scientific ground and is completely against current findings. The claim that a muscle develops from nothing is incompatible with the science …

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The Tale of “How Lucy’s Ancestors Looked”

The British science journal Nature reported on 28 August 2019 a fossil skull of an ape species named Australopithecus anamensis.[i] News about this fossil were covered in many publications, introducing the fossil as the so-called ancestor of human beings, and spreading evolutionary propaganda using the fossil’s reconstructions with human eyes.[ii] The new fossil was said to be the ancestor of …

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