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The logic that nothing, but chance, is scientific is a flawed one. It is a logical dead-end. If brand-new civilizations were discovered in outer space, would the logic of Darwinism and chance be employed in all of them? Would it be claimed that chance established civilizations everywhere? The portrayal of this miserable logic as scientific is the shame and disgrace of the current century.

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102 / 2003-05-13

This program shows us some scenes from the life of an eagle and at the very end, there are some evolutionist claims about the origin of birds. It says that birds evolved from dinosaurs. Dinosaurs that leaped on their prey from the branches of trees grew wings in the course of time and became able to fly. The Archaeopteryx that lived 110 million years ago is supposed to be one of these first flying dinosaurs.

These claims amount to fairy tales whose invalidity in the face of science has been shown many times. First, the Archaeopteryx fossils that have been found show that it lived 150 million years ago, not 110 years ago as claimed in the program. And scientific investigation has shown that Archaeopteryx’ breast bone (Nature, Vol. 382, August 1996, p. 401) and the asymmetrical structure of its wings (Carl O. Dunbar, Historical Geology, New York, John Wiley and Sons, 1961, p. 310) show that it was a fully developed bird with the ability to fly. Contrary to what the program claims, the fact that it had teeth does not indicate that it was a dinosaur (Richard L. Deem, “Demise of the Birds ‘Birds are Dinosaurs’ Theory.” http//www.yfiles. com/dinobird2.html)

In short, Archaeopteryx cannot be called a half-bird, half-reptile “intermediate form” on the basis of a few distinctive characteristics. In support of this view, one of today’s most well known ornithologists, Alan Feduccia, maintains that Archaeopteryx is not the primal ancestor of birds. (Alan Feduccia, “Birds are Dinosaurs: Simple Answer to a Complex Problem”, The Ark, October 2002, vol. 119 (4), pp. 1187-1201) (For more detailed information see Harun Yahya’s Darwinism Refuted, Goodword, 2003)


The way that all of Europe has become acquainted with Atlas of Creation and the declaration of the fact that living creatures have remained unchanged for millions of years and that evolution is devoid of any scientific worth have led to a major change of belief among the people of Europe. Independent polls conducted by well-known publishing institutions in different European countries have revealed a major drop in the numbers of people believing in Darwinism and that belief in Allah now dominates Europe. >>

In order to create, God has no need to design

It's important that the word "design" be properly understood. That God has created a flawless design does not mean that He first made a plan and then followed it. God, the Lord of the Earth and the heavens, needs no "designs" in order to create. God is exalted above all such deficiencies. His planning and creation take place at the same instant.
Whenever God wills a thing to come about, it is enough for Him just to say, "Be!"
As verses of the Qur'an tell us:
His command when He desires a thing is just to say to it, "Be!" and it is. (Qur'an, 36: 82)
[God is] the Originator of the heavens and Earth. When He decides on something, He just says to it, "Be!" and it is. (Qur'an, 2: 117)

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